What is Marketplace Selling?

A market is a simple place for people to find, buy and sell things. People can find what they are looking for by filtering their results by location, price, and category. By listing in the Market, you can reach consumers where they already are.

Advantage of Marketplace Selling

Other potential benefits are summarized below:

  • provides an additional channel for marketing and selling your products.
  • allows for new seafood sales opportunities – marked online growth in categories of homeware, pets, fashion and sports goods.
  • they are popular with customers and offer an easy way to compare prices and products from the same source.
  • being part of a legitimate online marketplace offers a level of trust between you and the consumer.
  • Non-judgmental reviews of your products and services can give new customers confidence to purchase.
  • offer opportunities to establish new trading relationships with retailers and suppliers, either within your supply chain.
  • they offer great transparency – availability, prices and stock prices are available in the open.
  • it is possible to use round time issues and problems with various overseas trading hours being eliminated.


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